Bandvorstellung vom 30.12.2016: Sonicatomic - Italien

Bandvorstellung Sonicatomic
Genres: psych kraut mediterranean

0008437889_10.jpgHeute haben wir Sonicatomic aus Italien in unserer Vorstellungrunde. Sie kommen aus Italien und gründeten sich im Jahre 2014, bestehend aus den Bandmitgliedern Suel (bass), Paolo (drums), Matte (dj -rumors) und Fede (distorted and harmonized sax).
Sie werden am 27.05.2017 bei PSYKA UNDERGROUND EXPERIENCE Live zu erleben sein. Weitere Infos zu diesem dreitägigen Festival findet Ihr unter http://psyka.de/ue17 


Sonicatomic schreiben:

„Hallo space guys, we are Sonicatomic from Italy and we propose a rock instrumental psychedelic kraut rock ...

We'll play 27/5/17 in Karlsruhe for a psych rock Festival, PSYKA.

The band formed in 2014, between elements with different experiences, but with imaginative and common intent to create musical pieces that were halfway between "italians" the Fuzz Orchestra and Calibro 35.

In substance, however, the product has departed immediately by the plot, for summarized, unconsciously and naturally, into a sound which incorporates the personality, the routes, the tastes and musical examples of individual elements ...

The group consists of Suel (bass), Paolo (drums), Matte (dj -rumors), Fede (distorted and harmonized sax).



Video: https://youtu.be/DdQuqUhEIwY

Live Video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NNQ2YAJIlpI&feature=youtu.be

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/sonicatomic.band/


"A work which, in all its evocative power, turns the soundtrack conception as a complement to the images: here is the music in the middle of the project, and at most you could think of to also use a "visual" column..." from Extra! Music Magazine

" 8 tracks from the powerfull sound softened by melodic ideas generated by a light and cool sax section ... The cruel and dark bass line manages to keep this project alive and interesting that despite being a debut immediately clarifies that Sonicatomic dont joke!  Good record that I recommend to anyone looking for fresh and original sound ... " from Soundsgoodwebzine

"...They declare their faith to an instrumental rock psycho-noise and they are right. A mixture of devastating instrumental flavors,  noise, vibrations and psychedelic kraut rock inspirations compose sound puzzle taken to the extreme. Strong and courageous experimental charge.
The end result is an overwhelming sound ... " by Classic Rock.

"... The band founded by Andrea Gualco(bass), also formed by Paul Quaglini on drums, Matteo Bugnolo for sampling and Federico Lessio sax, experiencing all the facets of his talent in a truly futuristic disco.
You can not say that it lacks versatility this "Vibes Addiction" ... It seems that for Sonicatomic the road of rock psych might be the right one, given the ability to throw the extraordinary power of the unconscious in an equally extraordinary sounds. "  by Radio Kaos